What is the dashboard?

The dashboard is your landing place when you log into Beegit and it allows you to view your projects and projects you collaborate on.

You enter on your project list, which shows all of the projects you own or are a collaborator on. From your dashboard, you can switch to your team view, which shows your list of team members you can collaborate with on projects you own.

If you are a new user without any projects, your dashboard will show a getting started message.

The project dashboard

Your project dashboard shows every project you’re on, sorted by owner. If you own all of your projects, you’ll just see your name in the right-hand navigation. If you are on projects with several owners, you can sort through the list of owners on the right-hand side to view projects by each owner. You’ll always see the project owner you’re viewing at the top of the dashboard, and you’ll also see your user role for their projects.

Dashboard List

Within the project owner view, you’ll be able to sort and search the project list to find what you want to work on. After you’ve worked on a project for an owner, the dashboard will remember to display that owner’s projects the next time you log in.

Team list

You can switch to your team list on the dashboard to view all your team members. This list shows people who are available to collaborate with on projects. If you only collaborate on other people’s projects, this list will be empty.

If you are a project owner, you can use this team list to set which collaborators you’d like to be added to new projects or to manage their notification settings. Note: if you’d like to add in a collaborator to a specific project, you must first add them to your team list. They will then become available at the project level.