How do I commit revisions of my work?

Revisions are milestones or a hand-off points in your work. When you write or edit a file in a project in Beegit, you’ll see the Revisions tab change to orange. That means you have changes you can commit to a revision.

To commit a revision, click on the Revisions tab. You’ll see a view of all the files that have changed. You can select the View details link on any of them to see what was added and deleted on that file. You’ll also be able to see who made changes to that file. As you review the files that changed, you can choose which ones to include in the revision.

Creating a revision note

When you’re creating a new revision, you need to create a note to attach to it. That note will show up in the revision history for the project so anyone can review the project progress. You can also mention specific project collaborators with an “@” symbol in a revision to ensure that they get an email notification calling the revision to their attention.

Version Mention

Commit the revision

When you’ve selected the files you want to include in the revision and created a note to mark this revision, you can hit the Commit Selected Revisions button to commit your revisions to the system. This revision will exist as long as the project is in the system and you’ll always be able to return to it to see the note and the files as they existed during this revision.