What Markdown Features Do You Support?

Our Markdown editor features a combination of features from GitHub Flavored Markdown and Markdown Extra. Below is a full list of the formatting/features that we support.

Feature Variations
Headings # Heading 1, ## Heading 2, ### Heading 3
Emphasis **bold**, *italic*, ~~Strikethrough~~
Dashes -- En-dash, --- Em-dash
Lists Numbered Lists, Bulleted Lists, Nested Lists
HTML Attributes Class {.yourclasshere}, ID {#youridhere}
Paragraph Breaks Requires a double return
Links [My Link Text](http://example.com)
Images ![My Image Title](http://example.com/image.jpg)
Blockquotes > Single blockquotes
Horizontal Rules *** --- ___
Footnotes Footnote label [^1] [^1]: Footnote content
Tables Including Table Headers
LaTeX Mathematical Expressions with MathJax Inline Math, Math Blocks
Code Blocks Triple Backtick, 4 Spaces or 1 Tab
Syntax Highlighting Using Highlight.js
Inline HTML <img src="http://example.com/image.jpg">
Escaping Place a \ before special formatting characters like * _ to use the literal character instead of using the character as formatting

For more detailed information about how to format text, check out our Markdown formatting guide