How does the collaborative editor work?

Beegit’s web editor is a writing space where you can work with multiple project collaborators to create content. Inside a new file, you’ll be given a blank page with writing and formatting tools. Everything you write is formatted in Markdown syntax so it’s ready for export to web and print.

Writing with others

You can have multiple collaborators in the project at the same time writing on different files. You cannot, however, write in the same file at the same time. The first person to open a file will be the primary writer, indicated by the pencil to the left of their Gravatar image at the top of the file. Other collaborators who open that file will be put into preview mode and can see what’s happening in real-time. As collaborators come into the same file, their Gravatar images will show up above the file. When the first writer leaves the file, the next person who entered will be given control over the editor.

Editor Collaborators

Setting your writing mode

You can customize your writing experience inside the editor to better fit your work style. To give yourself a bigger writing space, you can collapse the file tree on the left-hand side. To write distraction free, you can click on the full-screen button to hide everything in Beegit but the editor. You can also write in split-screen mode to see how your Markdown renders as you type.

Editor Writing Mode

Using Markdown

Markdown is a plain formatting syntax designed to optimize content for production. Markdown is easy to learn, but there is a basic guide to help get you started. Look for the question mark icon inside the file tree. Clicking on this will display a Markdown formatting guide.

Markdown Help