How do inline comments work?

Inline comments let you select a section of text and create a comment tied to it. Your project collaborators will see the comment in the text and any who have notification emails turned on will receive an email. You can also mention a project collaborator with an “@” symbol in a comment to send them a notification.

To make a comment, select a portion of text you want to comment on and click the comment button in the right-hand corner of the editor. You must highlight text to make a comment. After you write your comment, make sure you save it. Only the person who made the comment can edit or delete it.

Editor Comment Mention

Comment placement

Comments show up to the right of the line or lines of text to which they are tied. If you’re making multiple comments in the same area, they will stack on top of each other. If you click on highlighted text, the comment will float into position next to that text for clarity. If you click on a comment, the highlight will darken on the selected text tied to that comment.