How do I set up Beegit for my team?

To start collaborating in Beegit, you’ll have to make sure you are subscribed to a team plan. Collaboration is not available on the free individual account.

To get started, create an account for yourself, your business or your organization. Most users who want to collaborate under a business or organization do this with a house email account like an [email protected] address. If you want to collaborate under your own account, simply sign up with your work or personal email.

Whoever creates this account will own all of the content in Beegit and will have the ability to control user roles, subscriptions, the team list and the decision to delete projects.

Once this account is created, you can add in your team members to help with your projects or get started on your first project.

Centralize your content in a new project

Once you’ve created your Beegit account, you can log in and create a project. A project is a centralized place of activity for the content built around a specific goal, deadline or production cycle. It can be anything from an issue of a publication to new copy for your company’s blog. This project will have its own life cycle, with metrics, notifications and version history tied to it.

Invite and manage team members

Most content projects require other people to help create, edit, revise or approve the work. Once you have your account created, you can add in your team members to collaborate on all of your projects or to a specific project.

You can manage your team or department using the team tab in the upper right side of your dashboard. You can set team members to be added to every new project you create and set their user roles to observer, editor or admin. You can also set their default email notifications here. You can add team members who already have a Beegit account or you can invite them by typing in their email address. Note: once team members are added to this list, they will become available to be added as a collaborator on any projects that you own.