How do I change a user’s role?

If you are a project owner you can adjust any team member’s role globally, or on a single project.

Changing a user role for all your projects

Collaborators Role

If you’re a project owner and you need to change a team member’s role, you can do so on your dashboard. Go to the team section on your dashboard and click the Edit button next to the team member you want to update. This will pull up their settings, and you’ll be able to adjust their user role. When you’re finished, be sure to hit the green Update button to save your changes.

Changing a user role on a single project

Project Collaborators

To change a role for a project collaborator on a single project, you can go to the Collaborators tab in that project. There, you will be able to view the collaborators on that project and remove any of them. You can add any team member from your team list and set their user role specific to the project. If you are a project owner or admin, you can change an existing collaborator’s role. To do so, you will have to remove them from the project. You will be asked to confirm this decision. After you remove that collaborator, you can add them back in, selecting a new role for them.

Note that if a collaborator has a global role of observer, you will have to update their settings on your global collaborator list if you want them to be an editor or admin on a project.