How do I view my revision history?

One of the biggest benefits of adding version control to your workflow is that you’ll never lose an old version of your work and always have it as a reference. Beegit supports this by providing a View Revision Snapshot button when you’re viewing a revision from your revision history. With this feature, you can not only view how a given file looked at any point in time, but also how the whole project looked at that point in time.

To browse a historical revision of your files, navigate to the Revisions tab in your project and select a revision. Click the View Revision Snapshot button to switch to historical mode and begin viewing a snapshot of what your entire project looked like when that revision was committed.

Browse Revision Files Button

Working with historical revisions and files

Once you’ve entered historical revision mode, you’ll be navigated back to the same file tree you’re familiar with. The difference is that the file tree is now showing you a set of read-only files (you can’t change the past) of what your project files looked like at the time of the historical revision you selected. The header area also indicates that you’re in historical revision mode and gives you the name of the person who made this revision, along with the date it was committed. Navigate around the file tree and enjoy your old file content.

Historical Version Mode

Leaving historical mode

When you’re ready to leave historical mode and switch back to the current version of your project, use the Switch to Current Version button under the main navigation.