How do you charge for Beegit?

Project owners in Beegit are charged monthly for the team plan that they select. They are not charged for the number of projects they create or the amount of content they create. Users on the individual plan are free.

Every group plan comes with a soft cap on active team members. That means that if you have the Plus plan, which allows for 10 team members, and you go over that, you will not immediately be charged and your service will not be interrupted. If you stay at the larger team size for a full billing cycle, we will reach out to you and ask you to upgrade your plan.

How does the free individual plan work?

If you’re working by yourself, you can use Beegit for free. You can create unlimited projects and files, and have 10 uploads/month to our CDN image hosting. If you want to add in team members to collaborate on your content, you’ll want to start a free trial by visiting the billing page and selecting a team plan.

Is there an option for an annual plan or a custom price for larger teams?

Yes. We are happy to create a custom plan for annual payment or for teams larger than 20. Email us at and we’ll get you started.