How do I create a project?

To make a project to house all your content on an account you own or are an admin on, you can hit the create a project link in the top navigation of the site. You can also hit the Create Project button on you dashboard to create a project you own.

Setting up a project

When you create a new project, you’ll be able to set up some basics that will let your project collaborators know what they’re working on.

First, choose a project name. This name will display on the dashboard with everyone on the project.

Next, choose a project type - public or private. Public projects let you choose who can edit them, but they can be viewed as read-only documents by users outside of Beegit. Private projects let you control visibility to only your collaborator access list.

Project Create

To help identify the project even more, you can create a short description of the project that will show up on the dashboard of everyone on the project.

Finally, select a color for the project. The color options let you create a workflow by tying a priority or project type to a color. Project collaborators can then sort by and see projects by color on their dashboard.