How do I add collaborators to a select project or projects?

At the individual project level, you can add team members from the project owner’s team list if you’re the project owner or an admin on that project.

To do this, go to the collaborators section of the project and enter their username or email.

You’ll also need to set this collaborator’s role, choosing from observer, editor or admin. This setting can be specific to this project, even if the user has a different role in the project owner’s team list.

Project Collaborators User

When you’re finished, be sure to click the green Add Collaborator button. Once the project collaborator has been added, the project will appear in their dashboard the next time they log in. You will also see their username and role in the project collaborator list.

If you want to add this team member to every project you create, use the team section of your dashboard.

If you want to invite someone to collaborate on their first project, you must first add them through the team section of your dashboard.