What are the user roles?

To manage teams and collaborators inside Beegit there are four basic user roles: observer, editor, admin and owner.

An observer is a non-writing role that lets a project collaborator watch a project and make comments on it. An editor is someone with the power to write and edit but they cannot change project settings. An admin has the authority to write and edit and the ability to create projects and manage project settings, but they do not have the authority to delete a project or add to an owner’s team list. An owner is the person or organization who created the project and has full authority over their team and settings, including the ability to delete a project.

Here are more details on each user role.


Observers are meant to be passive watchers of a project. They can see project files, folders and history, but everything they see is a read-only. They cannot edit, change or delete anything. They can change their settings so that they receive notification emails when a version or comment is made. They can also be @mentioned in comments or versions.


Editors are users with the power to help create content, but they have very limited power in the project settings. They can create files and folders, edit content on any file, make versions and submit comments. They cannot remove project collaborators, delete a project or file or change project settings like the name or color.


Admins are both creators and managers in a content project. They can create projects for the team owner’s account. Additionally, they can create and edit files, change project settings like the name, short description and color, and make versions. They can also add or remove collaborators (including other admins) on the project level. They cannot delete a project.


The owner of a project is the person or organization who created the project. They can manage their team members, assign roles, and remove collaborators from the project. They can write, edit and change project settings, and they are the only one with the authority to delete a project.