What are project settings?

Project settings is a tab where you manage settings inside a specific project. While you can manage basic notification and collaborator settings at the global level, you can customize settings for a project. There are two tabs inside project settings: General and Notifications.


In the general area of the project settings, you can update your project’s name and short description and change its color, all of which help identify it on your project dashboard as well as that of others.

Project Settings

You can also update your projects public/private setting. Private projects give you controlled access to your work, as only users you invite will be able to view or edit your project. Public projects let you decide who can edit them, but they can be shared outside of Beegit as a read-only document.

Project collaborators with the role of editor or observer do not see the general settings and are not able to update or alter them.

If you are a project owner, you will see the delete project box. If you would like to to delete the project, you can select the red Delete Project button. You will be given one final chance to cancel before your project is deleted. Once a project is deleted, it will be erased permanently and will no longer be available to you or your collaborators.


Email notifications can be sent whenever a version is created or a comment is made on any project. The default for project collaborators is to have those emails turned off, but they can be turned on for all projects or on a specific project. Users can turn those on for a specific project in the notifications tab of the project settings if they want to see the full feed of activity.

Project Notifications

All project collaborators will receive email notifications if they are @mentioned in a version or comment.

Users with the role of editor or observer only see the notifications tab in settings and can adjust their notifications in the same way an owner or admin can.