General Beegit information

Here is some general information about Beegit.

Which browser works best for Beegit?

To have the best experience with Beegit, we recommend you use Google Chrome.

Beegit is also compatible with modern versions of Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. The site is not compatible with versions of Internet Explorer before IE 9.

Does Beegit work on mobile devices?

Beegit is optimized for use on a desktop or laptop computer, however, it is accessible from a tablet or smart phone with a consistent Internet connection. The minimum width resolution supported inside the project hive is 768px.

There are plans to offer full mobile support in a future release of Beegit.

Is there an offline mode?

Currently, there is no offline writing mode for Beegit. Writing in the system requires an Internet connection at all times.

An offline writing mode is planned for a future release of Beegit.

Do you provide phone support?

We offer phone support, but only for owners and collaborators on a Gold Pro plan.

Do you offer chat/email support?

All Beegit team plans include chat/email support. Pro plans include priority chat/email support. Free individual accounts include chat/email support, but response times vary and are considered a low priority.

Do you offer group training?

We conduct free kickoff group training sessions for teams on our Pro plans. If you are not on a pro plan but would like to inquire about group training, please reach out to support@beegit for more information.

Where can I find your user agreement?

Our user terms are available here.