What is a revision?

Everything you type in Beegit’s editor is autosaved as you work. But when you’re at a stopping point, you can make a commit of your revisions that will exist in the project forever.

A revision is like a milestone or a progress note in your work. When you commit a revision, you’ll be able to leave a note for yourself or project collaborators describing what you’ve done. You can even mention specific project collaborators by typing an “@” symbol and selecting the people you’d like to notify so they get an email notification about these changes. Before you commit your revision, you can review the differences on every file you touched. They’ll show words that you added highlighted in green and words that you deleted highlighted in red.

Once you commit revisions, it’s in the system forever and you’ll always be able to go back and look at the changes, the note and the files and folders as they existed at that time.